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Conveying machinery is very important in the transportation industry


       With the development of international and domestic market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, for example in mechanical manufacturing industry, many enterprises at home and abroad, and even well-known enterprises, in the relentless competition have lost, some failures, there are mergers. So it is necessary for the industry to intelligent, new, high reliability key component technology research and development direction.
In control driven energy saving policy and relevant constraint index, reduce the dust and noise produced in the operation of the conveyor waste; reduce energy consumption, adhere to the development of transportation technology of energy saving and emission reduction as the core; expand the scope of application of conveyor in various extreme conditions; a substantial increase in conveyor transport capacity, pull large single length, expand the delivery point, accelerate the development of the transport capacity, long distance, large conveying equipment, in order to cater to the market trend to the main conveyor. At the same time to adapt to the trend of economic development, change the previous single development ideas, set high speed, energy saving and emission reduction in one of the ways of development, coupled with the introduction of national policy, let many investors smell a business opportunity.
With the rapid development of science and technology, the increasingly fierce market competition, in the manufacture of machinery, transportation industry has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy, transportation machinery proportion in the national economy and the increasingly important role that economic development of all countries in the world to prove this point. Since the reform and opening up, with the development of market economy, increase the circulation of commodities, the material continuously enriched, the improvement of living standards, people in the pursuit of improving the quality of external goods at the same time, the main or the pursuit of the intrinsic quality of products to improve the internal quality guarantee, we need to achieve fast transportation. In recent years, the expansion of consumer demand, the rapid development of the transport industry, in China's gross national product has accounted for more than ten percent, and the gap between developed countries is gradually narrowing.
The transport machinery is very important in the transportation industry, and has a pivotal role in the modernization of the transportation industry. It can improve labor productivity, improve the production environment, reduce production costs, reduce environmental pollution, increase the quality of products, improve product quality, increase the added value and increase market competitiveness, bring greater economic and social benefits.